CC balaceado en el Book 14?? babeando......

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CC balaceado en el Book 14?? babeando...... Empty CC balaceado en el Book 14?? babeando......

Post  Hirius on Sat Jun 07, 2008 10:05 pm

CC-balancing announced for book 14
Originally Posted by frelorn
One of the main topics of discussion we see on the monster play forums has been crowd control and how it works in PvMP. Coming in Book 14, there will be some changes made to balance how the cc skills work in the Ettenmoors. We're being careful about making sure these changes don't impact the PvE aspects of the game - which is something that is even more difficult than most would imagine.

As we get closer to the release of Book 14, we'll be publishing a Dev Diary describing all of the changes that are upcoming, as well as the thought process behind them.

We also have a couple other monster play surprises up our sleeves, but Ill save those for another day.

Ojo que segun dice este developer en el BOOK 14 va a haber cambios en el CC..... adios a estar stun/mezzed/root/stun/etc todo el tiempo?? ..... si es asi.... No va a llorar nada los freeps Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil

.... La muerte esta tan segura de su victoria, que te da toda la vida de ventaja... pero SLS no...

CC balaceado en el Book 14?? babeando...... Firmahiriuscopiajx7
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