OPEN RAID 6/8/08

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OPEN RAID 6/8/08 Empty OPEN RAID 6/8/08

Post  Hirius on Sun Jun 08, 2008 11:42 am

Well guys, yesterday we have another nice day on the open raid.
All people again listening to HIRIUS order on raid leading, and the result was again more than 5.000 infamy and about 7.000 destiny points.
Great job all defilers/warleaders btw.
And good job all assisting and going on melee to fight them.... was just insane for freeps...


HIRIUS, SLS raid leader

.... La muerte esta tan segura de su victoria, que te da toda la vida de ventaja... pero SLS no...

OPEN RAID 6/8/08 Firmahiriuscopiajx7
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